foundational design approach


At protoCtrl, our philosophy centers around a systematic approach to art production. This process comprises three integral steps: research, concept development, and meticulous production. Each artistic journey we embark upon is guided by this philosophy, underpinning our commitment to the art production process.

Comprehensive Research in Art Production
We believe that the quality of art production heavily relies on the depth of the research preceding it. This forms the initial phase of our approach. We pride ourselves in conducting thorough research that informs and shapes the development of our artistic concepts. We delve into various topics, mediums, and techniques, seeking inspiration and knowledge that can be harnessed into a tangible concept.

Concept Development: A Crucial Step in Art Production
The second phase of our process is the development of an innovative concept. Built upon the comprehensive research, this stage involves brainstorming, sketching, and refining our ideas. The result is a concept that is not just innovative, but also practical and exciting.

Production: Bringing Concepts to Life
Finally, we have the production phase. This is where we transform our carefully crafted concept into a work of art. We meticulously adhere to the highest standards of art production, ensuring every detail aligns with our vision. This step completes the journey from a raw idea to a captivating artwork, embodying the essence of protoCtrl.

In essence, the art production at protoCtrl is a well-orchestrated process of research, concept development, and production. We invite you to join us in this journey of transforming ideas into tangible works of art.


Unveiling the Artistic Vision.

Research is the cornerstone of our work at protoCtrl. We delve into the intricate universe of artists, their inspirations, and visions. This exploration blends desk studies with field investigations, revealing a spectrum of innovative possibilities. Our research amalgamates scientific insights, historical narratives, cultural treasures, and expert discourses, forming the bedrock of our conceptual journey.

Articulating the Vision.

Once the research phase illuminates the path forward, we engage in concept formulation. We journey alongside our clients, transforming their visions into tangible forms. Each idea triggers a ripple of insights that evolve into design proposals. With a deep understanding of parametric and generative methods, we facilitate an artistic journey that results in unique creations, reflecting the artists’ ethos and our influence.

Materializing the Vision.

The final stage, production, is an integral part of the artistic journey at protoCtrl. Here, we transform ethereal ideas into tangible art forms that reflect the depth of the artists’ vision. Our approach to production marries meticulous craftsmanship with trailblazing innovation. We create intricate physical models, ensuring each element aligns with the envisioned concept, preempting potential challenges, and ensuring superior quality.

We invite artists to embark on this journey with us, as we go from the inception of an idea to the unveiling of a masterpiece. Through this process of research, concept development, and production, your vision and our shared passion for art will shape the next wonder in the world of art.


  • design research
  • geometrical research
  • simulation
  • generative experiments
  • physical models
  • material tests
  • sketch designs
  • visualisations
  • physical model design
  • concept text
  • description
  • presentaion
  • administration
  • project management
  • technical communication
  • cnc-production management
  • technical drawings
  • site supervision



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