Phillip C. Reiner Portrait

Phillip C. Reiner
head & founder

Introducing Phillip C. Reiner: A Confluence of Architecture, Design, and Mathematics

Phillip C. Reiner is an exemplar of versatility, rooted in the dynamic intersection of architecture, design, and mathematics. A distinguished graduate from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Phillip brings a rare blend of skills and expertise to his creative pursuits.

A Driving Force at Studio Olafur Eliasson

At the globally-renowned Studio Olafur Eliasson, Phillip C. Reiner led the Department for Advanced Geometries, where he showcased his exceptional ability to translate complex geometric concepts into tangible, fascinating physical models.

Phillip C. Reiner’s Wide-Ranging Collaborations

Phillip C. Reiner’s influence extends to the international mathematics community. His pioneering contributions have gained recognition at various conferences and his cross-disciplinary collaborations include artists, architects, and designers across diverse fields, all driven by a shared dedication to innovation and unique problem-solving approaches.

Precision and Modern Techniques: Phillip C. Reiner’s Hallmark

Phillip C. Reiner is a paragon of precision, employing advanced computer numerical control (CNC) techniques to craft accurate, aesthetically striking art pieces. However, what truly sets Phillip apart is his unwavering commitment to the spirit of artistic collaboration.

Partnering with Phillip C. Reiner to Co-create Artistic Masterpieces

In Phillip C. Reiner, artists find a collaborator deeply invested in their creative vision. With his unique skillset, Phillip transforms abstract concepts into tangible, awe-inspiring art. Each project with Phillip is a shared journey of creativity and expertise, resulting in unique artistic expressions.

Discover more about Phillip C. Reiner’s work or start a conversation. Witness the compelling marriage of scientific precision and aesthetic ingenuity that defines his approach. Explore Phillip C. Reiner’s past projects and draw inspiration from his innovative contributions to contemporary art.

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