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studio for geometrical research, parametric design and art production


Transforming artistic visions into tangible masterpieces.

polyhedron compound dodecahedron icosahedron tetrahedron octahedron cube 3d-print sphere model physics simulation pressure


cycloid movement generative geometry 3d-print model parametric design polyhedron advanced geometries

triacontahedron stellation phistar 3d-print model polyhedron model 3d-print parametric design polyhedron advanced geometries supercube icosahedron polyhedron symmetry

Taking a Deep Dive into CNC Manufacturing and Parametric Design

We are partners in the creative process. Our work ranges from refining the initial concept to providing a host of services. These include production optimisation and CNC guided manufacture. And then, armed with machine learning and algorithmic design methods, we dive into the vast parametric design space. The result is a wealth of compelling solutions for artists.

geometry 3d-print model parametric design polyhedron advanced geometries symmetry group icosahedron dodecahedron

Parametric Design and Generative Methods: Transforming Art in Berlin

In our bustling base in Berlin, we’re on a mission. Our goal? To guide artists through the maze of scientific research. How do we do this? By engaging artists in an ongoing process, using a shared language of parametric design and generative methods.

supercube sphere model 3d-print art design architecture parametric geometry physics concept research production project management model cnc generative sculpture mathematics art-work production berlin prototype cad

Our Journey Together: From Idea to Artwork

We support artists from the start – from a concept sketch based on research, right through to project management. And we don’t stop there. We stick around until the artwork is complete. Mostly, our focus is on large-scale projects, particularly in architecture, but we’re not limited. In fact, we can adapt to any scale. This flexibility is key to our approach.

snubcube space filler geometry 3d-print model parametric design polyhedron advanced geometries rotational symmetry triacontahedron icosahedron dodecahedron vertex mapping mars surface

geometry 3d-print model parametric design polyhedron advanced geometries symmetry group icosahedron dodecahedron

Collaboration and Innovation with Parametric Design

Perhaps you’re wondering about how we collaborate? Don’t hesitate to reach out or join us on Twitter. Together, let’s redefine the boundaries of design. Meanwhile, we invite you to explore our featured projects. They offer a glimpse into our innovative approach to contemporary art. Ultimately, at protoCtrl, we bridge the gap between scientific precision and artistic ingenuity. As a result, we craft your dreams into artwork that resonates.

Read more about the specific services we offer or how we see a collaboration.   Get in touch  or talk to us on Twitter to share your ideas and see how we can explore the boundaries of design together. Explore the list of featured projects and get inspired about an innovative approach towards contemporary art.



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