protoCtrl is an open studio for advanced geometries and computational design.


Our clients not only come from all different fields of contemporary design, but also from the manufacturing side. Having a broad experience in the design, development and production of architecture, art-works, product- and textile design we will always integrate determined production methods already into the early design stage.

We follow the process of a democratic evaluation regarding the needs and desires of all participating parties.



Generative models help to explore the design space.

protoCtrl will inspire your mind, enhance your design, prove your concept and materialise your ideas. Algorithmic design can help you in many ways.  This is not about optimisation, but about broadening your visions.
Exploring a design space can be made simpler, faster and more surprising by using explicit, iterative or evolutionary principles.
You may also have a clear idea of your design in mind or just want to prove your concept. protoCtrl can help you understanding different possibilities and various arrangements without compromising.
Additionally physical and environmental simulations can be driven from any necessity of the desired performance.
We will assist solving mathematical, physical and geometric design challenges creating tools for your specific needs.


protoCtrl is just where you need it.


We work in any scale of assignment. Depending on your vision we are able to guide trough all steps from your idea towards production and installation. Nevertheless we will also just take up tiny bits of your work, if a little code can save hours of your valuable time.

If you are not sure if a certain task is suitable or not, just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your ideas.